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Brother bee employee's self description


I joined the big brother bee family in 2010, and now it's more than two years. I have so much to say in the past. Hunan bee brother Bee Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. When I first came to the company, to be honest, I didn't like it very much, because all aspects of the start-up company were imperfect, but the passion of the boss and his dedication to bee products moved me and became the driving force I left behind. After joining the company, I realized brother bee's development step by step. From the previous few people to now, there are bee brother's Direct stores, franchise stores, agents, Taobao shopping mall, and the workplace has moved from the narrow office to the spacious and bright company's own building. There is no doubt that such a rapid development can be achieved in just two years. Such rapid development benefits from brother bee's high-quality products. At the time of fraud in the honey market, brother bee has always been adhering to the goal of strengthening the human body of the country, only making honey of conscience and rest assured, healthy honey, because this can win the survival and development of consumers in the competitive market environment. Now that the company has developed, the treatment of its employees is getting better and better, and our days are better.
——Liu Yongchang, manager of e-commerce Department