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In 2018, Changsha rural online retail reached 23.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32.2%


  In 2018,Changsha's rural network retailing for 23 billion 200 million yuan,and more and more Changsha agricultural products were connected to the"Internet+"express.
  Brother Wangcheng,brother Ningxiang,brother chili,brother bee in Liuyang
  Changsha Evening News,July 28(all media reporter Liu Jieping,correspondent Yu Yong,intern Ding Zhongyu)Ningxiang Huazhu,Dawei Shanli,Liuyang Jinju,Gushan Maojian More and more Changsha agricultural products are on the"Internet+"express.According to the report on the development of rural e-commerce industry in Changsha recently released by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce,in 2018,Changsha realized rural online retail of RMB 23.21 billion,a year-on-year growth of 32.2%,13.6 percentage points higher than the city's online retail.
  Scale:Changsha has the largest total amount and Ningxiang has the fastest growth rate
  In order to accelerate the development of rural e-commerce,in October 2016,Changsha issued the implementation measures for accelerating the development of rural e-commerce.Over the past two years,the rapid and healthy development of rural e-commerce in Changsha has made remarkable achievements in accelerating the rise of agricultural products,promoting rural consumption,optimizing agricultural structure,and promoting targeted poverty alleviation.
  Changsha rural online retail market leads the whole province.In 2018,Changsha realized rural online retail sales of 23.21 billion yuan,accounting for 17.7%of the city's online retail sales,accounting for 46.3%of the province's rural online retail sales,and is the only city and Prefecture with a total amount of more than 20 billion yuan.
  From the perspective of regional situation,Changsha County dominates and Ningxiang city grows the fastest.In 2018,the rural online retail sales in Wangcheng District reached 1.69 billion yuan,a year-on-year increase of 66.1%;Liuyang City reached 5.94 billion yuan,a year-on-year increase of 27.1%;Ningxiang City reached 5.34 billion yuan,a year-on-year increase of 82.5%;Changsha County reached 10.24 billion yuan,a year-on-year increase of 14.5%.
  Top three categories of milk,grain and oil,livestock and poultry meat
  Which Changsha agricultural products are on the"Internet+"express?From the key industries:grain,oil,food and beverages,tobacco and alcohol,daily necessities are the most popular.Grain,oil,food,drink,tobacco,alcohol,daily use,sports and entertainment are ranked in the top three categories,with online retail sales of 5.66 billion yuan,5.4 billion yuan and 3.04 billion yuan respectively,totaling 14.1 billion yuan,more than 50%of the total.
  The data shows that the scale of online retail of agricultural and special products in Changsha is gradually formed,and the categories are relatively concentrated.In 2018,the key monitoring platforms tmall mall,taobao.com,Jingdong Mall and suning.com,and the online retail sales of agricultural products in Changsha reached 1.19 billion yuan,an increase of 35.2%year on year.Among them,milk,grain and oil,livestock and poultry meat,nuts and tea rank the top five,with a total online retail sales of 980 million yuan,accounting for 82.4%of the total.
  Enterprises above Designated Size maintain a good growth momentum.In 2018,the transaction volume of e-commerce related to agricultural products of Enterprises above Designated Size in the four counties of Wang,Liu,Ning and Chang was 2.5 billion yuan,an increase of 61.2%over 2017.
  Local third-party platforms such as main huinong.com have taken shape
  Changsha rural e-commerce development actively"borrow"leading enterprises.Alibaba rural Taobao has officially signed cooperation agreements with Liuyang City and Ningxiang city.It is vigorously promoting the"thousand counties and ten thousand villages plan"and"one thousand dollars per mu plan".It has built two rural Taobao county service centers,127 tmall premium service stations and rural Taobao service stations,and recruited 127"village sophomores"and 100"taohelpers",covering 300 administrative villages.Jingdong"Asia No.1"settled in Wangcheng Economic Development Zone,and is deploying the offline"hundred cities and hundred stores"strategy in Changsha.
  Huinong.com,mango life,sounongfang and other local rural e-commerce third-party platforms have already had scale.The annual trading volume of huinong.com exceeded 1.5 billion yuan,and that of sounongfang,an e-commerce platform for agricultural products,reached 180 million yuan.
  The application of e-commerce by agricultural operators is more in-depth.There are more than 20 enterprises using self built websites or third-party e-commerce to sell fresh agricultural products with a trading volume of more than 1.5 million yuan,and 10 enterprises selling processed agricultural products with a trading volume of more than 10 million yuan.Bee brother bee industry,childhood,Xiangkang agriculture and other leading agricultural enterprises in the city pay attention to the development of e-commerce sector,with online sales accounting for more than 50%of the total sales.At the same time,a group of agricultural and rural leaders,such as"brother egg"in Wangcheng and"brother chili"in Ningxiang,have also emerged,and successfully become rich through rural e-commerce.
  84 poverty alleviation villages have built e-commerce integrated service stations
  At present,Changsha has built comprehensive e-commerce service stations in 84 poverty-stricken villages in the city,realizing full coverage.By supporting poor households to start businesses,sell agricultural products on a commission basis,purchase labor services and other ways,the income of more than 1000 poverty-stricken households who set up files and set up cards has increased by more than 5 million yuan.
  Several marketing activities were organized,such as Liuyang Daweishan honey marketing assistance,Dahu town dalanshan Yangmei Festival,Ningxiang Huanghe village champion huangtao marketing assistance,which effectively solved the problem of unsalable agricultural products in poor villages.
  A number of excellent e-commerce poverty alleviation enterprises emerged,such as sounfang,brother bee,Liu she agriculture,Yihui agriculture and brother Dan.Through guiding poor households to breed and breed,and providing e-commerce platform to sell agricultural products,the income of more than 400 poor households who set up file and set up cards increased by more than 4 million yuan.
  According to the report,Changsha rural e-commerce is in a period of rapid growth,with remarkable achievements in development,and gradually moving towards characteristics,diversification,diversification and maturity.However,the problems restricting its high-quality development still exist:first,the development of e-commerce for agricultural products is slow,and it mainly stays in the stage of low-cost sales of primary agricultural products,and the problems such as weak brand awareness and lagging standardization still exist;second,the supporting service system is not perfect,and the logistics system of agricultural products post production classification,packaging,marketing and cold chain storage still needs to be strengthened;third,rural talents Lack of software and hardware environment to attract e-commerce talents needs to be further optimized.