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Case of franchise
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  Because I believe,I decided to join the bee family
  Lengshuijiang song Minghui's Bee brother has been in operation for two years.Two years ago,song Minghui indirectly achieved today's Bee business because of his wife's praise.
  More than two years ago,when my wife went to the drugstore to buy the daily family standby medicine,she saw the unique brand of brother bee at the door of the drugstore.After being surprised and curious,she met brother bee's bee products under the introduction of the drugstore staff,and started the road of drinking brother bee with the idea of trying.In drinking bee brother for more than half a year,his wife casually praised the taste and conditioning effect of honey he had recently eaten.
  It's because of this casual sentence that song Minghui's original plan grows and takes shape in his mind.In the next month,after investigating the bee product market in Lengshuijiang and understanding brother bee,I finally joined brother bee's family with the support of my wife and started my own business.
  Now that his"bee shop"is 2 years old,many customers have become regular customers in his shop.Song Minghui said that he will stick to it because he enjoys it,for three reasons:
  1.We firmly believe that brother bee has great market potential.Mr.He Guohua"Five Generations only do one thing,no quality complaint in 10 years",which is not only the incomparable declaration of bee brother brand,but also the pride of bee brother stores and marketers in China!Reliable quality is the strong backing of bee brother's increasing market share.
  2.The management concept of"serving attentively,sharing harmoniously"and the market effect of bee brother's trademark have made more and more bee product users love bee brother's brand.Take the attentive service as the commitment to customers,often face customers with the mentality of customers,and try to meet the psychological needs of customers as much as possible.As long as your service is quite humanized,customers and you can establish a harmonious relationship,and even become your stable and long-term customers.
  3.Strive for innocence and have endless happiness.Pure bee products can bring people health and beauty-this has been well known by the majority of bee product consumers.How to show the purity and authenticity of bee brother bee products should be the bounden responsibility of bee brother company and all bee brother marketers.Planned promotion and publicity can make bee brother brand more attractive and attractive.
  Lengshuijiang,song Minghui
   A honey shop for farmers
  I am a farmer,born in Zhangfang Town,Liuyang.To be honest,we were born of peasants,but we didn't have much experience.Although it's not entirely a life of"facing the Loess and facing the sky",it's nothing more than farming,working,or starting a small business and opening a small shop.
  I used to know that in Daweishan,Liuyang,there was a company specializing in honey bee breeding,but it just knew,didn't want to know,didn't want to join.Because we may think about how to make money directly and quickly.It's just that there are old people and young people,and there is a lot of life pressure and economic pressure.
  By chance,I met Zhang Zong,brother bee.Under her guidance and support,I opened my honey shop in Xiangtan Hexi Dahu street in 2005.In fact,I was very nervous at that time.First,I didn't expect that one day I would start a business of my own.Second,I didn't have such formal contact with business,and I didn't know anything about doing business.
  In fumble,I study a little,grow slowly.However,I feel very grateful that Mr.Zhang,brother bee,often calls me to ask about my business situation and what aspects I need help and solutions.Every time I talk to Mr.Zhang about my doubts,she always patiently answers them one by one.At the beginning,she even often went down to my store and taught me how to operate.
  Slowly I learned some sales skills,and more and more like this line.With our joint efforts,our business is booming.In 2009,I bought a door of about 100 square meters in Xiangtan and opened my first branch as a franchisee.Now my shop is still in operation,at present,I plan to gradually open a few more branches in Xiangtan.
  Now,I am also a small boss who runs a sweet business.However,all these achievements are inseparable from brother bee.I am very grateful to brother bee for giving me such a platform that I don't know any business at the beginning,and thank President Zhang for his guidance.I like this honey business very much,and I hope I can make a special contribution to brother bee's bright future in the future.
  Jingxiaoshang and brother bee
  Many years ago,since I met"brother bee"pure bee products in Liuyang,I have changed my original way of life.I used to be fat,but also love honey,want to eat and afraid to be fat again.Because in people's mind,the more sweets they eat,the fatter they are,so they are very contradictory.Later I checked the information and properties of honey.It can beautify,moisten,defecate,moisten,nourish and lose weight.With a try attitude,I gave up the marketing industry and began to try and experience"brother bee"pure product series.
  At first,I was just a consumer.For the first time,I bought dozens of Jin from brother bee's shop in Jinsha Road,Liuyang,and brought it back to Loudi,where I began to verify the bee products.At that time,I had a Buddhist friend,I called her elder sister Shen:she was very kind,and I often sat there with her,because she opened a Buddhist supplies store,there were many people coming and going,and most of the people who studied Buddhism knew cause and effect,so we all believed it.Once,when talking with sister Shen,she knew that she wanted to buy honey,and she was worried that she could not buy pure honey.She said that a friend sent a bottle of mingx honey last time,and it hurt when she drank it.She said that if she ate sugar,it hurt.That bottle of honey must have participated in sugar.She said this to me.I saw that she was so eager to buy honey.I told her that I had bought some honey from Liuyang.Otherwise,I would take a bottle to give you a try.She took a sip of honey.I asked her if she had toothache.She said it was not painful.The taste was good.When I went to Liuyang,I would bring more honey back to her.Later,I would often go there,and she would often take it with her.She was tired of taking it with her.Later,she said to me:open a shop in Loudi,sell this honey,sell this good honey to everyone,and sell it to those who want to eat pure honey.It's really hard to find the pure honey products of brother bee.
  So I thought about it for a few days and decided to try.At first,I tried to buy some products.Because of the good quality,the customers were very satisfied.After eating,I came to buy them again.Then the customer said that you only have honey?I said:there are royal jelly,propolis,bee pollen,bee wine and so on.All in all,they praised it as a good product after eating.From then on,I began to sell"brother bee"series products.
  At the beginning,I personally experienced each product for a period of time.I was very satisfied with the efficacy of each product and my experience.In particular,royal jelly is the best product for complete nutrition,beauty,longevity and immunity enhancement.Its efficacy plays an important role in many aspects.It and propolis together are the killer of diabetes patients,with obvious efficacy and no side effects.Propolis is also known as"purple gold"by the medical community.It has the reputation of natural antibiotics,and has no side effects.It has irreplaceable therapeutic effects on patients with hypertension,hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia.Especially,it is a unique freckle removing product for women with freckles.Bee pollen is an edible product of Meike,a treasure house of various vitamins and minerals,a treasure house for protecting the kidney,an intestinal policeman,etc.And the above products are proved by my family and friends'experience,which is quite good.I was worried about getting fat,but I still don't have it.Now my life rule has changed.I eat 15g royal jelly on an empty stomach for breakfast,20g honey,15g pollen for dinner and 20g honey.I don't need to cook and cook.I usually drink water with honey,which is nutritious,energetic and dry.And the daytime basically does not need to sit the stool,never is laborious.Although there are more than 50 people,they seem to be much younger than their peers who eat delicacies.They also save a lot of chores such as cooking and washing dishes.They also live in spirit and kill three birds with one stone.
  When I tell these experiences to my friends around me,they all say that they are afraid of not being able to do it.They are afraid of being hungry.I tell them the main points and experiences.The key is to eat according to their own characteristics.If you feel hungry,you can use cold water to soak honey water.It's better to use cold water to soak honey.Because cold water can inhibit the secretion of gastric acid,so you won't feel hungry.Hot water Soak honey but increase gastric acid secretion,so for those who eat rice feel stomach swelling,drink 1 to half an hour before meals,it is very effective.I have tried the law for many years and I will tell you without reservation,especially the lady who loves to lose weight and beauty,never lose weight randomly.If the method of losing weight is not right,it will hurt you.Generally,the root of obese people is the weakness of the pancreas.The pancreas has a function of removing dampness.If the pancreas is weak,the moisture in the human body is heavy,that is,puffiness,which looks like edema.If the palm of the hand is wet,the stool is wet,and can't be washed away.So if you lose weight blindly and depend on diet,then people's physique and immunity will decline sharply.Is there any problem?So it's the key to take good care of your internal organs,and eating bee products is the best choice,especially the only"brother bee"series of pure bee products selected by Hunan Province at the Shanghai World Congress.
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