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Corporate culture
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        Dawei Mountain is majestic, and there are vast forests. The climate here is mild, and there are many flowers and trees. It is a unique natural base for beekeeping. Osmanthus, chrysanthemum, loquat, kiwifruit... In different seasons, there are so many flowers everywhere. It is a treasure land for bees to grow and reproduce. It is connected with the surrounding counties, cities and mountains. In the lush primitive forest, there are many flowers and trees and rich honey sources. It has a unique beekeeping Heavenly Sword and is a natural treasure land for beekeeping and bee product processing. There were many beekeepers in the original Dawei Mountain, but due to the inconvenient traffic and information jam, these natural and rare products "were kept in the boudoir unknown", and the products could not go to the market. In September 2000, Mr. He Guohua, the descendant of the beekeeping family, applied for the approval and registration of the Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce with a pioneering vision, led the establishment of a beekeeping professional cooperative, a beekeeping technical school and a bee farm in Daweishan. Through scientific management, introduction of advanced technology and equipment, and utilization of natural bee raw materials, a series of popular natural bee products have been developed.
corporate culture
Advertising language: brew natural quality, healthy world people's culture declaration: Honey healthy and pure world enterprise culture core price concept
Enterprise mission
Healthy everyone, sweet heart, create a new era of pure bee industry
Corporate vision
Based on the National Forest Park, carry forward the ancestral beekeeping skills, inherit the healthy health culture, and establish a healthy, beautiful and new fashion
Core values
Enterprises depend on culture to influence the world's products depend on quality to survive forever honeybee spirit to transmit loyalty and harmony honeybee brother to care for beauty and health
Enterprise spirit
Integrity, cooperation, innovation, dedication, honesty and credibility, no cheating of the old and the young, work together to achieve dreams, explore innovation and progress, and dedicate the basic concept of our corporate culture
management idea
Small wins with wisdom, big wins with virtue, constant wins with quality, eternal wins with sincerity
Business objectives
Lead the market and create a century of prosperity for brother bee
Enterprise values
Health and beauty have me, great common cause have me, strong bee, brother have me, wonderful country, rich people have me, proud
Product quality concept
Brother bee survives because of its quality great pure bee products are the benchmark of our country's tree industry. We will never discount our quality policy. We will only be loyal brands with public praise
Talent view
Focus on the interests of the team, and work together with the boss to create the Oriental show
Team view
Grow together, think together
Industry positioning
Natural health care, quality first
Development concept
Looking for opportunities in sports, innovating and developing employee behavior culture in exploration
Staff slogan
Brewing sweet career with bee spirit
Code of conduct for employees
Day by day, 1% progress every day, team learning bee division and cooperation management, bee rigorous and orderly service, bee selfless dedication, quality learning, bee meticulous work, bee tireless marketing, bee self-improvement