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Hunan bee brother Bee Industry Co., Ltd. originated in 1889, formerly known as Hunan Province Liuyang Daweishan beekeeping farm. It is a limited liability company founded in May 2009 by the fifth generation beekeeper Mr. He Guohua. The registered capital of Hunan bee brother Bee Industry Co., Ltd. is 5 million yuan. The company base is located in Dawei Mountain, the source of Liuyang River. The company has established beekeeping teaching. Bee production, scientific research and deep processing are integrated. The main products are honey, propolis, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee leisure food, etc.
At present, our company has an area of more than 2000 square meters of primary processing plant and a total building area of 14584 square meters of deep processing plant. There are 20 large-scale beekeeping demonstration bases with a total area of 800 mu. Together with Hunan Agricultural University, a bee research institute and a scientific research base have been established.
At present, our company is prosperous, strong, leading in technology, complete in products and excellent in quality. The company always abides by the contract and promises, and is deeply trusted and supported by local leaders and customers. In recent years, the company has passed and obtained IS09001 international quality system certification, QS food production license, and won the titles of Hunan century old brand enterprise, leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Hunan Province, Hunan small giant enterprise, Hunan e-commerce demonstration enterprise, Changsha enterprise technology center, Hunan food industry enterprise integrity system construction Set up demonstration enterprise, enterprise technology innovation award and other honors and titles, "brother bee" and "famous Weishan" trademark won the title of "famous trademark of Hunan Province". Through self-produced direct sales and franchising, our products have established more than 200 stores and 7000 counters in nearly 30 provinces of China.