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Franchise process
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  1.In store:
  In the local large supermarkets,shopping malls,rental venues,the form of monopoly sales,rich customer sources,customers desire to buy strong.Standardized management and strong advertising effect.It is of strategic significance to bee brother's brand promotion and development.
  2.Shops in prosperous commercial areas:
  Convenient transportation,fast flow of people and wide source of tourists.The sales volume is relatively stable,which is very helpful to establish the brand image of the enterprise.However,the rent of such stores is generally high,which is more suitable for people with strong economic strength.
  3.Regions with concentrated target consumption groups:
  Professionally speaking,civil servants,teachers,white-collar workers,retired workers and other people with high incomes usually have a fixed source of tourists,and it is also profitable to set up exclusive stores in the relatively concentrated office,school and residential areas of these people.
  Joining flow chart:
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