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Return on investment
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  ——Six investment reasons
  I.good industry.With the continuous improvement of people's living standards,more and more people pay more attention to their health,and have a higher demand for health.Health,will belong to the future scientific and technological progress,social and economic development,undoubtedly the highest concern.Because of its unique natural quality and high edible and medicinal value,bee products are favored by the market and meet the needs of the market and consumers.As a green pure natural biological health care product,bee products have a large market demand and broad prospects for development,and are a sunrise industry that will never end.
  2.Good brand.①authoritative brand guarantee:successively passed and obtained the ISO9001 quality system implementation and certification of China's pollution-free system,China's national key leading enterprises,China's pollution-free products,leading enterprises in Hunan Province,famous trademarks in Hunan Province,etc.(2)excellent brand charm-"brother bee"brand registered with the real photos of bee crawling all over the body by Mr.He Guohua,a beekeeper,is impressive,unforgettable and has strong uniqueness and identification.It is not only a product trademark,but also an excellent product advertisement.(3)strong brand backing-the long history of beekeeping in Daweishan and the beekeeping school established by Mr.He Guohua are the strong backing of the product brand image building.
  3.Good technology.Adopting the international advanced bee feeding technology and combining with the beekeeping experience of more than 100 years,the products have passed the national food safety standard gb14963-2011.The enterprise has trained more than 36000 beekeeping students,with scientific and professional beekeeping technology.Beekeeping bases are all over the country,and the reputation of"keeping bees and making honey"is deeply rooted in the people's mind.
  4.Good quality.①the leading brand of Chinese pure bee products,"pure",is the soul of brother bee.The honey source from Dawei Mountain,the original deep mountain of Luoxiao mountain in the east of Hunan Province,is pure natural and pollution-free.100%pure bee products are brewed in 100%pure nature.②in the past 12 years,157 batches were randomly inspected in the market,among which 157 batches were qualified,and the products also contained natural selenium.③distinctive selling points.Each product in the same market,the same price,the same service,the same consumer conditions,has four or two thousand kilograms of selling points.
  5.Good management.Professional sales team,perfect dealer management system,ten years of practical operation experience in franchising,channel construction of"specialty store+drugstore counter",quick and convenient online sales mode,systematic management training and guidance,and strong business support are the strong guarantee for your investment success.
  6.Good service.Fast service process,efficient financial settlement,fast logistics system,flexible return and exchange system,complete institutions and sound system.
  ——Eight preferential policies
  1.Zero operational risk.All products within the warranty period,if the package is not damaged,can be exchanged,and can be returned for refund after one year of operation;
  2.Rich rebate returns.2%-10%flexible rebate policy,preferential supply price and huge profit margin.In addition,the blank market is free of franchise fee,5 stores are developed in one year,and the regional general agent is upgraded free of charge;
  3.Brand use authorization.The company's brand"Daweishan"and its sub brand"brother bee"can be used free of charge within the scope of authorization;
  4.Store location assistance.The company sends professionals to investigate the market situation,provide professional advice,and assist in selecting the best location and building sales channels;
  5.Comprehensive and systematic training.The company provides free guidance on options,site selection,formulation of the first batch of purchase plan,training of store operation,project implementation,sales management,after-sales service,etc.,and provides long-term follow-up training and relevant information to ensure that there is no worry after joining;
  6.Store image design.Provide unified VI design,shop decoration plan and three-dimensional shop layout free of charge to establish a unified store image with high identification;
  7.Professional operation guidance.Implement a perfect dealer management system,train professional sales team,provide long-term operation guidance,regular promotion training,and one-to-one practical operation and field guidance;
  8.Diversified advertising support.The company provides unified product description,brand advertising(TV,Internet,newspapers and magazines,etc.),channel construction and creation,as well as unified promotion and promotion,gift and non-sales support,so as to enhance the product's attraction,influence,purchasing power and return rate in the franchised market.
  Joining conditions:
  1.Good conduct,good moral integrity and ability,strong entrepreneurial spirit,enterprising spirit.
  2.Love bee products industry and health business,agree with bee brother's business philosophy and brand culture,obey the guidance and management of headquarters,and have modern marketing awareness.
  3.Have a certain business background,good interpersonal relationship and reputation,and no criminal record.
  4.Have certain operation and management ability,willing to abide by the management system of brother bee,voluntarily participate in the education and training of the headquarters,and consciously maintain brother bee's brand reputation.
  5.It has a good geographical advantage and business place,and the regional general distribution has a team of management and marketing personnel with good business quality.
  6.Be able to independently solve the relevant legal procedures for the opening of chain stores.
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