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Introduction of franchise
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  Hunan bee brother Bee Industry Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as"the company")is originated from the beekeeping farmers in the deep mountains of Dawei in 1889.Up to now,Mr.He Guohua,the current chairman of the company,has been the fifth generation family heirs of bee brother's"ancestor".For more than one hundred years,the five generations have focused on one thing:"keeping bees and making honey",to build a leading brand of pure bee products in China.
  The company has advanced scientific research technology,perfect management system and flexible sales channels.Its bee products are deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad with their excellent product quality and thoughtful after-sales service.We adhere to the principle of"survival by quality and development by quantity".Many famous pharmaceutical and food factories at home and abroad place orders with our company and sell them to Japan,South Korea,Brazil and Taiwan The bee products of bay and other countries and regions are highly praised.
  The company follows the concept of"support,standardization,development and win-win"to carry out the development,guidance and support of outlets all over the country.The company signs a contract with the franchisee,authorizing the franchisee to use the"brother bee"trademark,business name management technology,etc.;the franchisee only needs low investment to join the store,and can obtain profit sharing.Based on the principle of"customer's interests first,honest development foremost",the company has established long-term cooperative relations with many enterprises,and adopted unified marketing,unified management,unified procurement,and unified profit model for all franchised stores,so as to reduce the business risk of the franchisees and provide them with business guarantee of enjoying stable profit.
  Bee brother bee products are pure and natural,we are looking forward to sharing with you.
  Market outlook:
  I.project background and significance
  First of all,let's understand and compare the raw materials and output value of products of other enterprises.As we all know,the raw materials used in Wahaha mineral water are ordinary"water",and its annual output value is several billion yuan.The raw materials of Red Bull beverage,Coca Cola,LeBlanc soymilk,Yili milk and other products are also very common,but their output value is several billion yuan.In analysis,the success factors are as follows:
  ①products meet the needs of the market and consumers;
  The product quality has been recognized by consumers;
  The brand has been deeply rooted in people's mind;
  ④the product packaging is exquisite and generous,which conforms to people's psychological characteristics of consumption;
  ⑤the enterprise pays attention to reputation and has a good management.
  Compared with the above products,the bee products project of Daweishan beekeeping farm has a more positive market background and a more profound significance of investment and development,mainly including the following points:
  1.Market charm of raw materials of bee products
  Modern people advocate natural food,especially in developed countries and regions.Natural health products have become the first choice of people.
  Honey,propolis,royal jelly and bee pollen are a kind of pure natural health care products created by bees for human beings.Their raw materials have high edible and medicinal value.Human beings have been eating bee products for thousands of years,and have a comprehensive understanding of their nutritional and health care value.With the development of social economy and the progress of science,people's demand for pure natural,green food and health care products is increasing,which is the market charm of bee products.
  2.Brand charm
  He Guohua,who was named"the beekeeper"by the reporters of Hunan TV and Phoenix TV,is the first in the world to lead bees to climb all over the body.He Guohua has been reported by more than a dozen TV stations and is famous in Kyushu.Many experts at home and abroad applaud him by taking the unforgettable real photos and registering them as"brother bee"and other trademarks.
  Some experts commented:"brother bee's trademark design is important to make people forget it.This kind of strange trademark itself is a good product advertising,not just a product logo."
  It's true that Daweishan beekeeping farm has never spent money on product advertising,but every time a special direct selling store is opened in a city,a logo is hung at the door of the store,which can attract customers and attract people.What's more,every time Hunan Satellite TV invites Mr.He to do the"march forward"program,there will always be a lot of viewers and students take out their notebooks and ask him to sign for them as a souvenir.Even on foot in the streets of Changsha,there are people around asking for a souvenir.People regard an ordinary beekeeper as a great celebrity,which is influenced by that peculiar trademark pattern.
  3.Meet the requirements of agricultural industrialization
  Beekeepers raise health,bee products benefit people and bring economic benefits.Bee keeping and bee product processing projects will not consume energy,pollute the environment,compete with agriculture for soil and land,and the output of crops,fruit trees,vegetables,etc.pollinated by bees will increase by 15-20%.After the bee product project is implemented,it can bring the following benefits to"agriculture,rural areas and farmers"according to the output value of 100 million yuan:
  ①it can cover about 1.1 million mu of land and mountain forest area in the countryside,which can increase the output of crops and bring huge indirect income.
  (2)14200 households have been driven,making each household obtain 45000 yuan of direct economic income every year.
  ③3800 urban and rural jobs have been created,and more than 2000 empty nest families in urban and rural areas have been created,making per capita wage income of 50000 yuan/year.
  The bee product project has a long industrial chain.It can process eight kinds of bee product raw materials,such as honey,propolis,royal jelly,bee pollen,beeswax,bee venom,bee pupa and bee queen larva,into hundreds of series products.Its products are processed deeply
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